Conditions of Use


You must be at least 18 years of age to order from SpyABC. In placing any order with us, you are certifying to SpyABC and its owner that you are 18 or older, and that you will not use any item or items purchased from us in an illegal, immoral, or unlawful manner. You are also certifying that you accept sole responsibility for obeying all local, state, and federal statutes regarding the possession and use of such tools or books, and that SpyABC will be held completely harmless in the event you fail to observe such restrictions. In addition, you are certifying that you accept full responsibility for any loss or damage that occurs from the misuse of any item purchased herein.

Attn: International Customers: Foreign orders placed by credit card from any country that is not part of the AVS (Address Verification Service) program may be required to scan and email a copy of their legal identification to verify their address. This includes non- US orders paid for via PayPal payment services where the address is not a confirmed PayPal address or is an internationally confirmed PayPal address. **International orders paid for with PayPal are required to furnish ID upon request of SpyABC even if the address is confirmed because the transactions are not covered by the PayPal Sellers Protection Policy* This applies to orders placed online as well as by mail. This info may be faxed, scanned, emailed OR included with mailed in orders.

IMPORTANT: SpyABC sends order confirmations as well as shipping and tracking information via email; it is very important that the email address on the order form be valid for these reasons. An incorrect email address can result in significant delays or cancellation of orders.

Customer further agrees to indemnify and hold harmless SpyABC against any liabilities, settlements, and expenses (including without limitation costs and reasonable attorneys' fees) in connection with any claim or action that arises from an alleged violation of the foregoing.

By placing this order, I understand and agree to SpyABC's Terms and Conditions of Sale and have read and understand the return policy. I understand that only defective items are accepted for return, and that I may only exchange a defective item for an identical item. I understand that my IP address and other information will be logged, and that the charge will appear on my credit card from SpyABC. I also agree that should I have problems with any charges or order fulfillment, I will contact SpyABC as a first step in an attempt to resolve the issue.

I know I can reach the SpyABC customer service department by filling out the contact form.

The following statute applies if the customer wishes order to be shipped via US Postal Service; otherwise please disregard.

U.S.C. Title 39 Section 3002a of the US Postal Code specifies that locksmith tools can be shipped via mail only if the buyer can certify that he/she/it can be truthfully regarded as one of the following: A bona fide locksmith, a bona fide auto repossessor, a licensed car dealer, a lock manufacturer, a motor vehicle manufacturer.* By placing your order on our website, and by indicating your agreement of these terms before ordering, you are electronically signing this agreement and certifying to us under penalty of perjury that at least one of the above classifications pertains to you. In the absence of this assurance, SpyABC will not ship to you.

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